How will a DBA degree help in profile enhancement?

A post graduate degree and years of work experience should be adequate to put you ahead the professional hierarchy. However, having a DBA degree will help you add an extra edge to your profile.

  • DBA helps you understand current research literature to identify gaps in current knowledge and apply the same in solving real work place issues.
  • DBA helps you develop a sound understanding of the techniques to undertake research. These techniques equip one to scientifically approach a situation and aim for its solution.
  • DBA helps you develop key analytical skills required to analyze both qualitative and qualitative data. This skill is of utmost importance while handing and interpreting gamut of information.
  • Meticulous and intense research conducted during a DBA program develops one’s ability to foresee a problem, analyze it and devise solutions.
  • Writing an original dissertation is an essential requirement while pursuing DBA. The exercise helps one develop impeccable writing skills which will be an added advantage in the professional world.
  • The need to apply various theory and practices to solve the research problem helps develop original thought process which is of utmost importance in managerial-level decision making.
  • The experience of analyzing and interpreting data while developing the dissertation during DBA makes one skilled at generating evidence backed reports and consulting models which will give you a competitive advantage over your peers.
  • Investigating and understanding recent current literature regarding various management topics and problems is an essential activity in DBA. This exercise helps one apply latest subject knowledge to address various work related challenges.

These skills gained while pursuing Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, along with your existing expertise, is sure to elevate your profile to set you on the higher rungs of hierarchy in the professional world.