Doctor of Business Administration
in Management
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Program Description

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Management program is designed for experienced professionals who want to gain deeper business knowledge and serve as global change agents in a corporate environment. This program covers current and emerging methodologies, risk-management techniques and complexity theories for improving project and program results.

The 24-month DBA in Management is a 60 credit hours program comprising of 15 courses and one dissertation of 15 credit hours. The program is designed with expertise and insights from experienced leading business practitioners and experts from academia. It establishes emphasis on advanced decision-making and leadership skills, and an in-depth knowledge of both, theory and applied research. Students will get to explore and experience some business challenges and opportunities and apply their research-based findings in such corporate arrangements.

ABMTC’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program enjoys full accreditation by World Certification Institute (WCI). WCI is a global certifying body that grants credential awards to individuals as well as accredits courses of organizations. This accreditation will help individuals to apply for higher credentials such as “World Certified Specialist Professional (WCSP)”

DBA in Management is pursued by executive professionals and postgraduates who wish to enhance their accreditation, contribute to their profession, and have the drive to amass knowledge and opportunities of the current times. The program is practice-oriented and designed to be of pratical implication to the management function.


A doctorate in Business Management renders multiple career opportunities. Depending on the area of specialization, the most common fields chosen are finance, accounting, marketing, strategy and operating management. DBA in Management is eligible for upper management and executive positions in various organizations, research fields, and a number of different businesses like senior manager officer, chief marketing officer, C-level executive officer, Analyst, management consultant, human resources, and more. Others may go for alternative jobs like pedagogy, writing and publishing books related to business and management, and even tutoring privately. A DBA in Management helps to acumen knowledge about the corporate world by sharpening research skills and developing leadership & decision-making abilities.

  1. To design rigorous research that contributes to the professional body of knowledge of business and management.
  2. To explain the principles of and apply a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods frequently used in business research to solve current business management problems.
  3. Critically evaluate business research studies in order to assess their quality and applicability in improving the effective handling of business management problems.
  4. To apply professional ethics consistently and appropriately.
  5. To be able to evaluate functional and cross-functional management approaches and synthesize management research and practices.
  • Academic Eligibility: A master’s degree in Management or equivalent program from a recognized university
  • Program Duration: 24 months
  • Total Program Credit: 60
  • Total number of Courses: 15 Courses + 1 Dissertation
  • Curriculum Pattern: 
  #       Year         Duration       Courses  

Year 1

4 Months 4 Courses
2 4 Months 4 Courses
3 4 Months 4 Courses


Year 2

4 Months 3 Courses
5 8 Months     1 Dissertation
  • 15 Courses = 45 Credits
  • 1 Dissertation = 15 Credits
  • Total = 60 Credits

Credits per Course: 3

Year 1

Term I:

#    Code No      Course Credit  
1 DBA1001 Strategic Management 3
2 DBA1002 International Business 3
3 DBA1003 Financial And Management Accounting 3
4 DBA1004 Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Governance 3


Term II:

#    Code No      Course Credit  
1 DBA1005 Human Resource Management 3
2 DBA1006 International Supply Chain Management 3
3 DBA1007 Research Methodology and Literature Review 3
4 DBA1008 Organizational Development 3


Term III: 

#    Code No      Course Credit  
1 DBA1009 Brand and Product Management 3
2 DBA1010 International Marketing 3
3 DBA1011 Total Quality Management 3
4 DBA1012 Market Research 3


Year 2

Term I:

#    Code No      Course Credit  
1 DBA1013 Research Proposal & Ethics  3
2 DBA1014 Case Methodology & Qualitative Research 3
3 DBA1015 Statistical Tools & Techniques for Research 3


Term II: Dissertation

Grading Percent Breakdown:

Assessment   Weightage  
Discussion Forum 10%
Research Assignment 20%
Student Presentation 10%
Final Exam 60%

Discussion Forum: Participating in online discussions on forums, sharing views and posting questions as well as reviewing other responses is considered under class participation.


Research Assignment: Research assignments will evaluate an individual’s analytical and critical thinking capabilities. The student can access the institute’s E-Resources to produce a comprehensive report, presentation, case study or evaluation for the research assignment. Students will be provided the rubrics for each assignment. Each assignment will be in general evaluated based on:

  1. Structuring and Presentation of Ideas
  2. Research behind the assignment
  3. Analytical thought process
  4. Provision of accurate and updated facts.


Student Presentation: Class presentation will cover what students will learn in their DBA courses/Program and how they are using and/or will be implementing lessons learned in their working professional lives and/or to do a presentation on their dissertation research topic.


Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive of materials covered throughout the semester.

   Letter Grade      Percentage  
A 90-100
B 80-89
      C        70-79
F Below 69