USP of a Doctor of Business Administration Program

Although anyone with a post graduate degree especially a post graduate degree in management can pursue DBA, however, it is mostly the working professionals who choose to pursue it. Doctorate degree in Business Administration is equivalent to a PhD in status. But there are certain unique properties of DBA which makes working professionals prefer it over PhD.


Part-time: The best advantage that one can think of about a DBA program is that in most Universities it is a part-time program, even though options to pursue it full-time is also available. This makes it pursuable for those working professionals who want to get a higher academic degree without giving up work.


Online: Another striking advantage that DBA programs have is that most of them are not only part-time but also can be pursued online. This flexible nature of online DBA programs helps those pursing it to access lessons at their convenient time and allows one to manage work and personal life while pursuing the degree. Many Universities also gives you multiple options to submit assignments, dissertation and appear in for the exams.


Less theoretical: PhD is aimed at developing research aptitude of a student, thus, more emphasis of imparting theoretical and conceptual knowledge. DBA on the other hand is designed for working executives desiring to find solutions that can be applied to real-world business issues. Thus, it is more practical application and analysis of concepts and theories that DBA programs emphasize on.


More practical: Dissertation in DBA requires application of quantitative research methods and tools to carry out surveys and conduct analysis of data. Most pursuers take up real work problems for the dissertation and conduct a scientific study on it. Thus, their research is aimed at providing solution to an immediate problem that has high probability of practical implementation.


Course+dissertation: One of the many advantages of DBA is that it is an equal blend of course-based study and dissertation. The dissertation is most of the time based on application of an existing theory rather can creations of a new idea or concept. The courses give the pursuer an opportunity to gain new insight into the body of knowledge of business management.


Helps in augmenting profession: The immediate effect of a DBA is promotions in professional filed and hike in salary. One can expect to be placed at higher organizational positions that require better problem solving and leadership abilities, perfected during a DBA. One can also choose to provide consultancy services after a DBA degree.


Doorway to academics: Another additional advantage that a DBA degree provides is that it opens up one’s chances of pursuing an academic career as a faculty member. Combined with years of professional experience, academics can be a lucrative career option for one with a Doctorate degree in Business Administration.