What is DBA? Is it worth it?

The process of learning doesn’t end. An MBA was a milestone, but the road stretches further to DBA.

Doctor of Business Administration, (DBA) is a professional doctorate degree that focuses on theoretic business knowledge and its application in the commercial world.

DBA programs in India have been newly introduced, thus, the ignorance regarding the same prevails. Apart from leveraging your professional person, here are a few features of a DBA program.

Different from PhD:

Quite often, a DBA degree is confused with a PhD degree. PhD is a research oriented for those pursuing a career in academia while DBA focuses on the application of theoretic knowledge in the practical world. For corporate professionals, pursuing a DBA makes more sense.


A DBA program sets you apart from the crowd. In a world full of MBAs, a DBA course in India, is a novelty. DBA is a level higher than an MBA and acts as your entry ticket to the higher management of an organization.

Global Recognition:

A DBA degree has a global recognition. An online DBA degree from ABMTC and other reputed institutes that are globally recognized can land you jobs in international markets.

Quality Education:

A DBA will equip you with working knowledge based on the latest business research, theories and trends. It focuses on providing students with real world, business oriented critical thinking and problem solving skills. Since, DBA is designed bearing the likes and needs of industry professionals in mind, the quality offered is top-notch!

Research Skills:

Like any other doctoral program, DBA includes research. The study is incomplete without the submission of a dissertation. In the process, you learn how to choose appropriate research topics and the right places to look for information on the same. Also, while researching you’ll come across new industry trends, thus, updating your knowledge.

High Credentials:

One could easily do Doctor of Business Administration in Management as the ‘Ultimate Management Degree.’ The degree offers superior quality education and fine corporate knowledge. A DBA degree holds a high value in the league of higher education. A DBA degree demonstrates a desire to apply high level business education to solve problems and seek solutions at work.

Online DBA Programs offered by a few reputed institutes like ABMTC has made being regarded as ‘Doctor’ easier and comfortable.