American Business Management and Technology College (ABMTC) Switzerland, has set forth certain guidelines to facilitate refunds for students. These guidelines explain the fee refund policy.


Student’s Right to Cancel/ Withdraw

ABMTC, reserves the right to postpone/cancel the batch, or change in commencement of the batch, subject to insufficient enrollments/ instructor illness / force majeure events (like floods, earthquakes, political instability, etc)

Student will be able to cancel the admission before creation of login credentials of LMS for the respective batch. Kindly note, Application and Registration fees will be forfeited and rest of the fees will be returned within 30 working days after the refund request is approved by ABMTC.

A refund of tuition fee paid will be made if:

The College is unable to provide the academic course offered or the College withdraws an offer of enrollment for any reason (except if the student provides incomplete or incorrect information).


How to get refund

Students will have to request for a refund by filling the form and send a signed copy at


Student Complaints and Grievances Policy

Our desire is for all students to have a positive experience at American Business Management and Technology College (ABMTC). However, we realize that sometimes situations occur where students need to have an opportunity to voice a complaint or grievance. Complaint and grievance procedures are designed to assist students who have a perception of unfair and/or unlawful treatment.

ABMTC believes that complaints and grievances should be resolved internally. ABMTC personnel are accessible to students to discuss any issues that may arise. Students should not hesitate to contact a faculty member, or any other staff person to vocalize their grievance. ABMTC personnel have learned over the years that most issues can be resolved between the two parties. Therefore, ABMTC-Switzerland has developed and architected the following policies and procedures.

  1. A complaint or grievance should be raised as quickly as possible. Students should follow the timelines for reporting and resolving complaints and grievances.
  2. Informal complaints and grievances should be resolved between the student and faculty and/or the administration, before the student files a formal complaint or grievance.
  3. If a complaint or grievance is not resolved through informal approach, then a student must file a written appeal to the Faculty Chair of the respective department. The written complaint application should include:
  • complete description of the complaint or grievance
  • any supporting documents
  • The desired outcome sought.

In all cases, the decision of the Department Chair/Program Head or Designee is final.


Informal complaints and grievances should be filed by students within 5 working days of any incident. The informal complaint or grievance will be resolved within seven working days of receipt of a complaint and/ or grievance.

If the student is not satisfied with the resolution made through internal discussion, he or she must file a written complaint application, within seven working days of the declaration of the first resolution.

The Department Chair/Program Head or Designee is obligated to provide with a verdict within ten working days from the receipt of the first written complaint application. The above outlined procedures and policy cover

  1. Cases of an Alleged Violation of Student Academic Rights

(Grade issues, informed notice of course content and course grading criteria, etc.)

  1. Cases of an Alleged Student Academic Offense filed by a Faculty member

(Cheating, plagiarism, falsification of academic records, etc.)

  1. Cases of an Alleged Student Non-Academic Offense filed by Faculty or Staff member

(Violation of computer usage policy, falsification of student records, disorderly behavior, etc.)